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You can depend on us for absolutely beautiful, functional, and reliable flag cases. These not only work for their purposes, but they are also designed to look good and be high enough quality to show off. Our flag cases are for the standard 3' x 5' flag.


Our standard case is oak with a clear glass front as well as a removable back panel. The oak is available in a natural finish or a light oak stain finish.


- Wood flag cases

- Memorial case

- Light oak stain finish

- Removable back panel

- Perfect triangular cases for a properly folded flag

If you're looking for the perfect plastic case to hold your Memorial Day flag, it's time to call our professionals at Horizon Flag & Banner  to get the job done right!


Our plastic flag case comes with a zipper and will offer full protection and proper storage for any flag measuring 5x9.5 in. once folded.

Great selection of flag cases:

Perfect plastic cases

You can even count on us for beautiful deluxe flag cases that have a glass front pane to allow for display, as well as a back panel that is also removable. You have a variety of options for appearance which include:

- Light oak stain finish

- Natural wood finish

- Natural cherry finish

- Walnut finish


Beautiful deluxe flag case

Only the highest quality flag cases to keep your Memorial Day flag safe!

Affordable Prices!

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