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Show your state pride with a high quality state flag of Wisconsin! We use the same high quality materials you would expect, with the same attention to detail. Flags come in multiple sizes for your convenience.

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- 2' x 3'

- 3' x 5'

- 4' x 6'

- 8' x 12'

-12' x 18'

We take enormous pride in providing you with only the finest flags available, and our Wisconsin state flag is no exception. Our flags are up to all state standards and you'll be amazed at how well they're made!

Flag sizes:

Up to state standards

We're not just all about the Wisconsin state flag. Whether you need American flags, historical flags, or foreign flags, we can provide everything you need using the highest quality of materials.


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All of our flags are made in the U.S.A.

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Wisconsin Flag Prices

2’x3’                                       $25.00

3’x5’                                         32.00

4’x6’                                         68.00

5’x8’                                         95.00

6’x10’                                     175.00

8’x12’                                     299.00

10’x15’                                   395.00

12’x18’                                   485.00

3’x5’                                       57.00

4’x6’                                       83.90

5’x8’                                     125.00

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