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Our American Flags are 100% made with the world's most superior flag fabric. The Poly-Max are man made with strips and individual applied stars. Depending on size the stars come in, embroidered or appliqued. They are made of strong fabric, reduced color bleed and bright colors. Our fabric boasts an impressive warp count to fill count ration. Used for indoor or outdoor. Our Commercial Flags can be used for Schools, Commercial Buildings, and more.


You'll find we only use a superior brand of nylon for all of our nylon-based American flags. These flags are strong, durable, and easy to see since the colors can be seen for a long distance. Our SolarMax fabrics are very tough, long-lasting, and specifically designed to deal with outdoor weather and use.


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Here are the sizes we offer in nylon:

2’x3’                                     $22.90

2-1/2’x4’                                24.90

3’x5’                                       27.90

4’x6’                                       42.90

5’x8’                                       59.90            

5’x9.5’                                    75.00          

6’x10’                                     78.90

8’x12’                                   138.00          

10’x15’                                 190.00          

10’x19’                                 202.00          

12’x18’                                 232.50        

15’x25’                                 350.00          

20’x30’                                 495.00

20’x38’                                 535.00

25’x40’                                 990.00

All Of Our Flags are Made In the USA with the highest quality material!

US 2 ply  Polyester  Poly-Max

US Nylon Solar- Max

US Hand Held Flags

You will find that we offer a wide variety of miniature flags. This is the perfect flag for collectors, and we also offer the handheld sizes for state and foreign flags, as well. Each one of our flags are dyed in amazing colors and emblems are accurate in both design and color for full authenticity.


You know these will all look good as all flags are completely hem stitched for more lasting beauty and are available mounted on an ebony staff with a gilt spearhead to look at good as possible.


Various sizes

You will find we offer a variety of flag sizes even in a miniature form. Conventional small flags measure 4x6 in. with a 10 inch staff unless otherwise noted. We can provide bases to hold multiple flags as an accessory, with up to a full 10 holes available.


Various sizes inlcudes:

- 4x6 in.

- 8x12 in.

- 12x18 in.

- 3x5 in.US indoor set also available.


Small memorial flags are also available and come in poly or nylon materials



US pleated fans

Available in both high quality cotton and nylon

- 3' x 6'

- 4' x 8'

- 16' x 32'

- 27' x 54'

More American flags for all occasions!


Here is a list of the various polyester sizes we offer:

3’x5’                                     $42.90

4’x6’                                       54.90

5’x8’                                       76.90

6’x10’                                     96.00

8’x12’                                   159.00

10’x15’                                 230.00

10’x19’                                 272.00

12’x18’                                 295.00

15’x25’                                 475.00

20’x30’                                 710.00

20’x38’                                 790.00

25’x40’                              1,080.00



Wisconsin Flag Prices

2’x3’                                       $25.00

3’x5’                                         32.00

4’x6’                                         68.00

5’x8’                                         95.00

6’x10’                                     175.00

8’x12’                                     299.00

10’x15’                                   395.00

12’x18’                                   485.00

3’x5’                                       57.00

4’x6’                                       83.90

5’x8’                                     125.00

US Flag Prices

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